Window Styles for Arlington Homes Help Update Your Property

Single & Double Hung Windows in Arlington Provide Curb-Appeal for Every Home

Are you looking for a new style for window replacement in Arlington?

Traditional single-hung windows have a lower pane that lifts and lowers to operate. These windows are affordable and easy to install, making them a favorite choice for those on a limited budget.

Double-hung replacement windows in Arlington have upper panes that also lift and lower. This window style allows you to control fresh air circulation in the home; opening upper windows allows heat, smoke, and fumes that rise to the ceiling escape out the windows without allowing in bothersome breezes. Both styles are excellent choices for kitchens and bedrooms, where you need simple and affordable windows.

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double-hung windows in an Arlington home.
Awning windows on the upper story of an Arlington home.

Replacement Awning Windows Keep Your Home Clear of the Elements

Replacement awning windows in Arlington offer fresh air into the home even when the weather outside is not the best! Awning windows are hinged at the top and open with a push along the bottom of the pane; when opened, they form a 45-degree angle, just like a window awning.

The angle of awning windows deflects rain and high winds while still allowing fresh air into the home’s interior. They’re also an excellent choice when you want maximum sunlight in the home and an unobstructed view to the outside, as they don’t have a center frame or sash, as do single-hung windows.

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Classic Arlington Casement Windows 

Replacement casement windows in Arlington are an excellent choice for maximum sunlight and airflow into the home. Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward, much like a door.

Since most casement windows open fully so that they sit at a 90-degree angle to the window frame, they don’t block airflow or your view! Most casement windows also have a handle that allow for easy operation, so you don’t need to struggle to open them as you might with single-hung and double-hung windows.

Casement windows also offer a classic, old-world look and feel that you’re sure to love!

Casement windows opening to the outside of an Arlington home.
Beautiful slider replacement windows on an Arlington home.

Replacement Slider Windows in Arlington Add Ease of Use

As the name implies, slider windows slide to one side to open and close! Sliders are an excellent choice for windows in hard-to-reach spots such as behind a sink or bathtub, as you don’t need to lift and lower sliders.

If you’ve ever struggled to reach over a tub or cumbersome furniture to operate single-hung windows, you know the immediate advantage of slider windows! Replacement slider windows are also without a center frame or sash, which also allows more sunlight into the home and an unobstructed view to the outside.

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Picture Windows Give Way to a Picturesque View of Texas

A picture window replacement in Arlington provides a beautiful view of the outside. Picture windows are stationary, meaning they don’t open and close. They are an excellent choice where you want a beautiful view but don’t necessarily need to open the window, such as in a living room or over a standing bathtub.

Since picture windows are simply a pane of glass without moving sashes, they can be cut and fit to just about any size. If you’d like to brighten up an awkward corner of a room or work a window around bulky furniture pieces, call us about a new picture window installation!

A picture window installation on an Arlington home.
A bay window replacement on an Arlington home.

Bow & Bay Window Replacement Provides Charm for Your Arlington Home

For maximum style and visual impact, opt for a bow or bay window replacement in Arlington. Bow and bay windows have several panes that “jut out” from the home, in a half-hexagon shape. This window design allows lots of sunshine into the home’s interior room, and provides a lovely seating or shelf area inside the window as well!

Bow and bay windows add plenty of grandeur outside the home, breaking up the look of long exterior walls. They’re also an excellent choice for rooms where you might appreciate a cozy nook inside the window, such as a bedroom or child’s room!

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Custom Windows Designed to Fit Your Home Perfectly

If you’re not sure what window style is best for your space, ask us about custom windows in an Arlington home! Custom cut windows offer the style you need for an oversized or undersized room, and can be designed around any interior feature such as a dining room buffet table or stand-alone soaking tub.

Custom windows also work for your needs in particular; for instance, you might prefer floor-to-ceiling windows in an artist’s studio, for maximum sunlight, or a garden-style window over the kitchen sink, for growing your own herbs and small vegetables. Whatever your needs, a custom window is a perfect solution!

Custom rounded windows on an Arlington home.
Vinyl window frames on an Arlington home.

Arlington Vinyl Windows are as Affordable as They are Stylish

For maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing style or function, consider vinyl replacement windows for an Arlington home! Dense, durable vinyl helps block outside heat and cold, increasing your home’s overall insulating properties. Vinyl also resists warping, sagging, chipping, and other such damage, and needs little to no maintenance or repairs over the years.

Crisp white vinyl window frames also provide an excellent complement to any home color and style, and lightweight vinyl ensures easy operation for opening and closing. Despite their lighter weight, vinyl is virtually impossible to bend and crack, keeping potential intruders from prying them open and keeping your home safe!



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