How Often to Replace Windows (Homeowners' Tip Guide)

December 3, 2022

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Are you a homeowner wondering how often to replace windows on your property? If so, you’re certainly not alone! Unless a window is broken, homeowners often put off replacement. However, new windows offer fantastic home benefits, including improved energy efficiency and curb appeal. They can even increase home values!

Keep reading if you’ve been putting off window replacements for your property. Information about new windows can help determine when to call a window replacement contractor. You can also discuss your options with them more easily. You’ll love your home’s windows for years to come!

how often to replace windows

A Guide for How Often to Replace Windows Around Your Home

There is no “one size fits all” answer as to when to replace windows around your home. One consideration is that higher-quality windows last longer than low-budget substitutes. In turn, if you invest in better windows, to begin with, you won’t need to replace them as often! However, you might note some added considerations when it’s time to replace windows around your home.

Fogged glass

Fogging often happens when double-glazed and triple-glazed windows suffer damage. Even through the tiniest opening, condensation leaks between those panes, risking fog. Also, argon or krypton gas might leak through those openings and leaks. This leaking also risks fog buildup.

Fogged glass is not only unsightly but also means those windows need replacing! Leaks compromise the added energy efficiency air or gas offers between those panes. So when you notice this fogging, it’s time to call a contractor about window replacement.

Drafty rooms in wintertime

Over time, window frames might tend to sag and pull away from the home’s framing. In turn, they create gaps that let in outside cold. Also, as older windows settle and shift, their frames become uneven. This also allows leaks through gaps between panes and in other places.

Sometimes, homeowners can feel cold air coming in around their home windows! When this happens, it’s time to call a window replacement contractor. The longer you ignore this issue, the larger those gaps become. Additionally, your energy bills might start to creep up as your appliances work to keep interior spaces warm.

Windows should operate smoothly and lock securely.

Older windows become difficult to operate as they warp and shift out of place. You might then struggle to open or close them, or a window might close alone! Also, locks and latches turn out of position, making locking those windows a struggle. New windows are then easier to use and ensure your home’s security.

Additionally, note that a new window style can mean a more straightforward operation. For instance, pushing open a single-hung window installed over a bathtub or sink is often tricky. On the other hand, a slider window that moves side to side means no lifting and lowering! If you struggle with operating a window in your home for any reason, it’s time for a replacement.

Check your utility costs.

There are many potential reasons for a sudden spike in utility costs. These include roof leaks, poor-quality insulation, and outdated HVAC appliances. However, older windows also let in outside heat and cold, raising your energy costs! In many areas, local energy companies offer free energy audits for homeowners. These audits can spot gaps around windows, thin glass, and other issues that increase energy bills.

Don’t overlook dull, yellowed, or dingy glass.

Older glass often tends to look yellowed and dingy. Also, glass traps dirt inside tiny scratches, which you usually can’t reach even with a power washer! As a result, your windows might look dull or dingy, no matter how often you wash them. Once this happens, consider replacing them for added curb appeal and more sunlight in interior spaces.

New windows increase curb appeal and the view from inside!

Never underestimate the value of your home’s curb appeal. Unfortunately, older, outdated windows can make your entire property look rundown and dingy. Also, those outdated windows might not enhance the view from inside your home!

On the other hand, updated windows enhance your home’s exterior and make it look much better inside. Choosing oversized windows for replacement can also mean more sunlight in your interior rooms. You are installing new windows where none also means more light and fresh air in your home.

bay window replacement

Updated windows can increase property values.

Consider window replacement if you want to increase your home’s value. Some studies show that you can recoup 85% of your window installation costs in terms of increased value. That means your home’s value goes up $850 for every $1000 you spend on new windows.

You might build equity in your home faster after scheduling window replacement. Also, your investment will pay off if you should put your home on the market! Buyers always appreciate home features that make a house more energy efficient and enhance curb appeal. In turn, you might sell faster and for more money after you schedule window replacement for your home.

How Many Years Do Windows Last?

In most cases, windows last some 15 to 20 years. After that time, the adhesive around the frame begins to break down. That broken seal lets in drafts, humidity, heat, and even insects when this happens. Additionally, the damaged adhesive doesn’t hold the window in place as it should. As a result, the window might tend to sag or pull away from its framing.

Depending on weather conditions, your windows might also age and wear down early. Harsh sunlight, airborne grit, and other conditions etch and scratch window glass, making them thin and brittle. Also, wood framing absorbs humidity trapped in your home. This leads to softening, cracks, and other window frame damage.

Moreover, homeowners should remember that newer window designs might offer more energy efficiency than older windows. For instance, aluminum frames are inexpensive but tend to conduct heat and cold. On the other hand, updated vinyl or fiberglass frames provide more energy efficiency overall.

What Window Style Is the Best?

The best window style for your home offers a stunning view and easy operation! A window installation contractor can help you choose the right type for your interior spaces. In the meantime, note some differences between window styles to make the best choice for your home.

Single-hung and double-hung

Single-hung windows are probably the most popular style in use today. These windows have two panes that open when you lift the lower pane. The upper pane stays in place. Double-hung windows are similar, except the top pane also lifts and lowers.

Homeowners appreciate single-hung windows because they’re affordable and easy to install. However, double-hung windows are excellent in kitchens or bathrooms. Opening the top pane allows you to vent heat, airborne grease, steam, and anything else lingering along a room’s ceiling.

The downside of these windows is that they don’t offer much of a view of the outside! Additionally, it’s difficult to lift and lower those panes in windows installed over tubs, sinks, and other obstructions.

Tilt-in windows

Some homeowners mistake tilt-in windows for double-hung models. However, single-hung and double-hung windows might not tilt inward. Tilt-in windows are just that; their panes unhook at the top and tilt into the home. This allows you to clean the window exterior without having to climb a ladder or use damaging power washing equipment.


As the name implies, slider windows move side to side rather than up and down. These are excellent over obstructions that make lifting a window difficult. They also offer a more unobstructed view of the outside.

replacement of second story windows


Casement windows have a hinge on the side and open like a door, usually outward. A casement window doesn’t have a frame running across its pane, so it offers an unobstructed view. Homeowners also appreciate the charm of having windows that jut out from home, creating a welcoming look.

Also, note that casement windows often work with a crank installed along one lower corner. They’re also easier to operate over obstructions than windows that lift and lower.

Hopper and awning

Awning windows open at the bottom, creating a V-shape similar to a window awning. Hopper windows are the same, except they open at the top. Both window styles might open inward or outward and operate with a crank.

An awning window is excellent for areas prone to rain. You can open the window, and the V-shape deflects raindrops, keeping interior spaces dry. Hopper windows are typically smaller than standard windows, so they’re excellent in tight spaces. Also, a hopper window that opens outward allows you to vent heat as it rises in a room.

Picture or stationary

A picture or stationary window doesn’t open but is simply an immobile glass pane. These windows are excellent for spaces where you want an unobstructed view of the outside. Also, you might install a picture window in areas where you don’t plan on opening the window.

For instance, consider a picture window over a soaking tub! You’ll love the view and not worry about reaching the window to open it. Stationary windows are also excellent for breaking up the look of long, dull walls.

Bay and bow

Bay and bow windows have several panes side by side, jutting out from the home in a semicircle. Bay windows have three panes, while bow windows usually have five. These offer more interior light and a broader view of the exterior. Also, you can create a seating area inside, under the window.

Garden style

A garden-style window is like a little box that juts out from home. It’s a garden window because people often use it to grow plants! For example, you can often find a garden window over a kitchen sink, offering a great spot to grow fresh herbs.

Custom windows

A custom window is just that; a window made to fit a specific spot. For example, you might install a custom window along a relatively small wall or have a contractor create a rounded custom window. Custom windows are also an excellent choice above another window or an entryway door.

new window replacement

Is It Worth Getting New Windows?

The short answer is yes; new windows are almost always worth the investment! Let’s reemphasize some benefits of new window installation for your home:

  • New windows often mean greater energy efficiency and lower utility costs. In addition, you might enjoy a more comfortable interior when upgrading to energy-efficient windows.
  • Thicker glass and double or triple glazing make it harder to break those windows. This is an important consideration for families who might risk an errant child’s toy hitting those windows! Also, more durable glass means less risk of an intruder breaking a window to gain entry into your home.
  • Old windows might not close or lock easily. In turn, investing in new windows means a more secure property.
  • Replacement windows typically mean instant curb appeal and a better view from inside the home. Vinyl or fiberglass frames can also help offset exterior wall paint for a stunning appearance.
  • Don’t underestimate the need for easy window operation around your home. If you struggle to open a window, consider a new style for easier use.
  • Older windows often trap and lock dirt and dust in etches and scratch along their surfaces. But, on the other hand, new windows can mean a clean, sparkling look inside and out.

Remember that your window installation contractor can also explain the benefits of new windows for your home. An installer or real estate agent can also note if new windows might increase home values and how much.

Arlington Home Window Replacement is happy to help explain how often to replace windows on your property. Hopefully, this information was both informative and valuable! Call our Arlington window installation contractors if you’re in the area and are curious about new windows or doors. We offer installation price quotes and guarantee every project for quality. Additionally, we carry a complete line of energy-efficient options to fit your needs. To find out more, contact us today.


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